Vicks Vapor Rub for Toenail Fungus

In my efforts to get rid of my own toenail fungus problem, I happened across a forum talking about using Vicks Vapor Rub for Toenail Fungus. I was not sure if it would work, but I was willing to try because I really wanted to have my toes return to normal.

After talking to a doctor friend about it he said he had not heard of people using vicks vapor rub for toenail fungus before, but because it does contain ingredients knows to kill some types of fungus found in toenails, he said it might work. Of course very few doctors would actually recommend vicks vapor rub for toenail fungus, because they are traditionally supposed to recommend more common medications for such conditions.

I gave it a try and bought vicks vapor rub. I was optimistic and used it religiously every night so that I could know for sure if it was actually helping my toenail fungus disappear or not. I figured that would be able to prove that it either definitely did or definitely did not work.

After using vicks vapor rub for toenail fungus for almost 6 weeks, I could tell very little difference in the condition of my toenails. Before I started using it, my infected toes were yellow and brown and the nails looked absolutely disgusting. 6 weeks later, they still looked like that, although they did seem to look at least a little lighter.

The reason I finally stopped using Vicks Vapor Rub for Toenail Fungus was that I found another product that works MUCH faster and has a money back guarantee. I don't have time to hassle with products that work slowly and don't really do what they are supposed to. I assume you also don't prefer to wast time. I think the best thing to do is to check out Fungisil, because you can tell it's working in the first 2 weeks and if it doesn't work, you can get your money back.

To sum it up, I would not recommend to anyone that they use Vicks Vapor Rub for Toenail Fungus, unless they are alright with potentially wasting time. If you are serious about getting rid of your toenail fungus, use Fungisil, which is the cheapest and most effective product on the market that I could find in hours of research. It gets the job done. I would suggest getting buying 3 bottles and getting one free, because by the time you are out of product you should be cured.


  1. Vinegar, mouth wash, vicks vapo rub etc are the popular choice of home remedies for the nail fungus cure. These things contain alcohol, which is good for killing the fungal infection.

    Toenail fungus treatment

    1. One such thing is the toe nail fungus which is quite a common problem in men and women both. The toe nail fungus destroys the toe nail completely and also discolors it. In some cases, nail fungus causes pain.EmoniNail

    2. Proximal white subungual onychomycosis is typically associated with HIV infection (AIDS), though it can follow injury to the nail.
      Dermal Therapy Fungistop

    3. Toe Nail Fungus is a common and contagious foot ailment occurring in the toe nails. The big toe finger and the little toe finger are the most common sites of this type of fungal infection.
      Healing Tree Anti-Fungal Treatment

  2. I agree with you tea tree oil,vicks vapo rub etc are the best home remedies for the nailZetaclear reviews fungus......thanks for sharing...nice blog

  3. I'm using tea tree oil. I made a website and I'm taking a picture of my toes every week to show people whether it works or not (hopefully it does). It's at, and its non-commercial. It's only been 3 weeks so far so there isn't much change yet.

  4. I have had fungus on my two big toes for over 25 yrs. Eventually it has spread to eight others to a lesser degree. I have tried most (home) remedies from oregano, vinegar etc.and most of the over the counter products including "piggy paste" which costs $30.00 a tube. Piggy paste started to worked for a while and after 6 months and quite a sum of money, I decided to try the vicks system after reading about it. All I can say is that after over twentyfive years of trying, I finally see the best improvement on my toes in only three weeks of using the Vicks!! My nails looked so good after only two weeks that I was able to wear sandals for the first time, without feeling self conscious. I am now into my seventh week and toes are still progressively getting better every day!!
    I will continue to use the Vicks and hopefully will have 9 new toes in the not too distant future.

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